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What are common mistakes made in clothing shopping?

Not Considering the Speed of Physical Development

Silence that inner voice urging you to buy every colorful and cute model, especially if you have a limited budget...

One of the common mistakes made when choosing baby clothes, whether for girls or boys, is not considering the speed of the baby's physical development. Infancy and childhood are periods of rapid physical growth. Due to this fast growth, babies and children cannot wear the same clothes for a long time. Therefore, it's essential not to buy a large quantity of the same type of clothing in the same size. Instead, you should acquire different or the same type of clothes in various sizes. Otherwise, some clothes may become unusable without even being worn.

Of course, this rule doesn't imply that there should only be one type of clothing in the same size. Stocking up on clothes is also important. Since your baby's digestive system is not fully developed, they will spit up frequently. Additionally, accidents during diaper changes are always a high possibility. Therefore, you should have an adequate number of backups to replace the soiled clothes. You can keep 3-4 of the same type and size of clothes in stock.

Not Considering Comfort

Comfort is crucial for healthy physical development. Clothes that squeeze the body or restrict movement will negatively impact physical development. Make sure that the clothes you purchase provide enough freedom of movement and do not squeeze the body in a way that could harm blood circulation.

Comfort also extends to the fabric structure. The fabric of the clothing should not cause issues such as irritation, itching, or poking on the skin.

Not Conducting a Health Assessment

Do not make choices solely based on the appeal of the cute designs offered by Baby Clothing Brands. In addition to the mentioned points, it is essential to pay attention to the chemical composition of the material.

The fabric and dye of the clothing should not contain toxic substances. In this regard, you can question its compliance with standards.

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